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Michael Thomas, a cruiser on our recent trip to Mexico got some great Video. Here's what happened...

My mom and I were on a Salsa Cruise to the Mexican Rivera sponsored by www.dancefun.com. I was on a Shore Excursion with my mom to 2 beaches with possible whale watching.  This was the first time our guide had ever heard the whales talk in the 3 years of guiding the tours.

Hear Grey Whales talking at Cabo San Lucas Mx on 02/27/2009. Listen closely to hear the baby's high tone talk and then the mama's low tone talk.  There was 3 whales: the mother, the baby, the nurse.  The nurse whale is a male or female whale who's job is to keep the baby safe from predators.  Next you'll  hear my mom pray that the whale will show his tail and he did (hmmm... an answered prayer). You'll also see the baby whale jump several times.  At the end I included several pictures also.  

Video created by Michael Thomas. Visit www.michael-thomas.com for more free videos.

View & Hear Michael's Video of the Whales

Salsa Cruise Photos

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